Hey Incredible R*Squad Leaders!

I wanted to give you some info and input for the next weeks of R*squad.  This Wednesday  November 29th we will do another fire night, there will not be a teaching video.  I will provide firewood for each house and we will have food as normal.  Some of the houses have plenty of Smores items, if you need more pleases let Diana know so she can provide that for you.  

As you approach Fire night here are some questions you can use for discussion, the questions are geared to get the students to think about how they can approach the next year. 


  1. As you look at 2018, what is one thing you would try if you knew you could not fail?
  2. What is one change you could make to your lifestyle that would make you happier and more complete?
  3. What is one change you would like to see at your school, workplace, home?
  4. What important relationship(s) would you like to improve this year?
  5. At the end of 2018 how would you like your relationship with God to be?
  6. What thing in your life do you need to change spiritually for the better next year? (praying more, Reading Bible more, better friendships, baptism etc.)



Next week, December 6th, will be our last R*squad. You can use this night for a Christmas Party in each house. I will be looking for some fun Christmas Games and set each home up next week.  You know your students, so feel free to be creative as you want with this night!  There won’t be a video.  Every Christmas since I have done student ministry I have always taken time to read the Christmas Story with students. Most of the kids in your homes will not read the Christmas story and probably have never had it read to them before.  This will be a great moment to bring the students together as you close out the night.

Christmas Story: Luke 2:1-21

We will resume R*Squad next year on January 10, 2018!

joey todd