Bottom Line: When I position myself to hear from God, I can do what God says. 

Luke 1:5-25,57-80

Big Idea: Hearing vs. Listening

Getting Started:  Before we get to the questions, have your students list ways they can hear from God. (Some examples would be prayer, the Bible, sermons/mesages, books etc.) With each method on the list have the students talk about what it would look like to go from hearing God in that area to really listening to God through that method.  After you do this, ask the students to come up with some practical steps so that they can better listen to God and accept what He says.

Find a passage and SOAP!


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Questions from Luke 1:13-22

1. What did the angel say to Zechariah? Did Zechariah hear him?  Did Zechariah listen to him? Why or why not?

2. Why do you think it was hard for Zechariah to listen to what the angel was saying and accept it?  How do you think you would have responded in that situation?

3. What does this passage show us about the difference between listening and hearing?  What is the difference?

4. How can we move from hearing God to really listening to him?  What will this look like in our everyday lives?

5. What will change in our lives if we move from hearing God to really listening to him?


Leader Thoughts

1. How have you learned the difference between hearing and listening in your own life?  How have you leaned this difference in your spiritual life? How can you share these experiences with your students?

2.  What personal stories of learning a lesson the hard way can you use?  How will these stories help your students understand the importance of learning to listen to God?

3. What practical ideas can you share with your students to help them see the difference between hearing God and listening to Him?  How can you share these ideas in a creative and memorable way?



Alex Chatfield