Bottom Line: When I position myself to hear from God, I can do what God says. 


1 Kings 19:1-1

John 10:27

1. What is the loudest thing you have ever experienced? (Concert, game, shotgun blast etc?)  How did that impact your ability to hear? 

2. Think about the voices that speak into your life, such as God, others, self-criticism, our culture, and your to-do list. Which voice is speaking loudest to you today? 

3. In the story Elijah listens to the voice of fear rather than the voice of God?  Why does fear often keep us from hearing God?  Is it because we are after control so we run away from God? 

4.  Do you believe you were created for a purpose by God?  How should that impact the way you pray and read the Bible. 

5. SOAP through John 10:27 with your group.  Even if they don't have a journal or something to rite on walk them through the process.  Ask them to read the scripture, you may need to read it each time outloud before moving on the the next letter.  Ask each one, "What stands out to you?-O, How does this apply to your life tomorrow?-A"  Then pray together collectively.  Go around your group and have each one pray 1-2 sentences about applying what they have learned so far.  


joey todd