3.21.18 Tragedy and Trajectory

Tragedy and Trajectory

When tragedy strikes we are given the opportunity to reposition our trajectory of life.

Scripture: Gen 1:27 John 3:16 Matthew 5:43 John 13:34-35

 Hey everyone, a little changeup for tonight. Because of the recent school shootings I felt it is necessary to walk through this topic for tonight's video.  I was planning to go a completely different way but felt the prompting to pursue this discussion.  Tonight the video is a bit longer at about 15 min and of course it is a little more sobering because of the content.  

I have taken the approach to look at this in two perspectives: Tragedy-What happened and Why? then Trajectory-What direction do I live and walk as a result of tragedy? Of course tonight's video does not answer every question that may be asked in your small group but it can help guide the conversation with really great application. 

As you are in your small group don't be afraid to let the students share how they feel about the recent shootings.  Don't try to correct or change the way they feel, be supportive.  Feelings are neutral and they just want to be heard. 

Here are a few ideas of what to say to enter into their world so that you can offer your support and show them how much you believe in their potential:

  • “I’m listening. Tell me what you’re thinking when you are ready.”

  • “How are your friends handling this? . . . What about you, how are you processing it?”

  • “It seems like you might be feeling______. Am I right?”

  • “This is how I’m doing, how are you feeling?” (Putting words to your feelings helps them put words to theirs.)

  • “I don’t have all the answers. It might help if you talked with a counselor/pastor/coach. Would you like me to help connect you?”

  • “Scary things do happen in our world. But God is always with you. You can talk to Him anytime, anywhere.”

  • “It’s okay to feel confused about this situation.”

  • “When you’re ready to talk about it, let me know.” 

As a small group leader you have permission to answer a question with "I don't know."  If you don't know how to answer a question that is perfectly okay!  Tell them and then come back the next time we get together or follow upon on one later. 

Here are some other questions for tonight:

  1. When you think about what is taking place at our schools today, how does it make you feel?
  2. What do your friends think about the tragedy?
  3. In the video Joey talked about the "God in your Back Pocket," do you believe that many people live this way, only calling on God in despair?
  4. What does it mean that everyone is made in the image of God? How does that change the way we should see people?  Do you know people in your school that are treated as if they have no value or less value than others?  What can you do about it?
  5. In the video we talked about loving people that are hard to love. How are you doing with this in your own life?  Do you reach out to people that are marginalized, not cool, kida the outcasts? Why or why not?
  6.  Do you think your school needs the kind of love like God loves us?   How would this change your school?


joey todd