Hey everyone!  Looking forward to a great R*Squad tomorrow night.  A couple things to know, we are combining High School to one house at the Trifoli's. We are starting our questions series and kicking it off with the topic of The Bible.  I have given you all my notes below and linked scriptures you and your small group can read together.  The video tonight is about 15 min long. If you need anything feel free to text/call.  Our staff team is traveling to Atlanta for the Orange conference so I will not be in town this week. Have a great week!



The Bible: Reliable collection of historical documents written down by eye witnesses during the lifetime of eyewitnesses that report supernatural events which took place in fulfillment of specific prophecies and claim to be divine rather than human in origin.

Key Verse: 1 Timothy 3:16

1.When people say, “The Bible is inspired,” what do they mean?

-The Bible ORIGINATED in God’s mind. The writers wrote what God wanted them to write.

-Inspired means “OUTBREATHED” from the mouth of God

-GAURDED by God over time

Deuteronomy 18:18-20 “I will take out whoever screws this up"


2.How would you explain the phrase “canon of scripture?”

-Books recognized as Inspired by God

-Criteria of Authenticity: 1. Was the book APOSTOLIC in origin? 2. Was the book used and recognized by theCHURCHES? 3. Did the book teachSOUND DOCTRINE?


3.How would you respond to the statement, “The Bible is not scientifically verifiable ”?


You CANNOT prove history using the scientific method because it is not observable, measurable and repeatable. Can you prove scientifically that George Washington was president?

You use the EVIDENTIARY METHOD.(Same as used in a courtroom)

  1. 1.Do you have INTERNAL CONSISTENCYin what is written?
  2. 2.Do you have CORROBORATION?
  3. 3.Do you have RELIABILITY?

66 books

Written in 3 languages-Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic. Written on 3 continents-Asia, Africa, Europe

Written by 40 Authors over 1500 Years.

Written by eyewitness, during the lifetime of eyewitnesses 1 Cor. 15 (300 eyewitnesses still alive at the writing of 1 Cor. 15)They all tell the same story! How God redeemed mankind

We have 6000 manuscripts of portions of manuscripts of NT

Comparison: Julius Ceasars Galic Wars:10 manuscirpts Aristotles Poetics: 5 manuscripts Homers Illead: < 4 manuscripts


4. Do you think archeology proves or disproves the Bible?.

-We rely on the CONVICTION of the HOLY SPIRIT to confirm the Bible is truly the Word of God

-20,000 archeological digs based on the Biblical events.NOT ONE historical event has ever had to changed after it’s findings.



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